Exciting new services at Synergy Hair!


We will be welcoming Saskia Leathley  to the salon very soon, Saskia

will be  offering treatments for- 

                             •Wrinkles Lines & Crows Feet

                            Tear troughs (eye bags)                                             

                            •Nose to mouth lines, lip lines &borders

                            •Neck rehydration & neck tightening

                            •Cheek enhancement

                             •Excessive sweating

                              •Thread vein removal

                             •Wrinkle correction

As a recognized specialist in the field of aesthetics, Saskia Leathley offer’s a range of treatments all defying the ageing process.

We invite you to express your needs in the strictest of confidence and discreetness.  

On your first visit you will be assessed for the suitability of any treatment, all options and costs will be fully explained and all your questions answered.

Available dates Monday 13th August or Monday 10th September






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